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I count the passing of days in ashtray soldiers,
and stillness in the words of dead poets.

We write our secrets on the inside of our lungs
and hide truths on the inside of our stanzas,
because it’s acceptable to wear hatred on your arms,
but vulnerability is a mark of weakness.

I have choked down everything: pain and shame and arsenic tranquility,
to spew forth such paltry words and call it poetry.

A waltz  away from thirty eight caliber oblivion
we press back, back
because death isn’t as romantic as we hoped,
and poison is quieter than a gunshot.
This is Irony
I'm sorry I haven't been writing, and I'm sorry this is all I have to offer.

Hear me read this poem!…



  Late Night Poets 

Hey guys and girls, welcome to Late Night Poets, DA Edition. I personally have known the Late Night Poets on AOL for a couple of years, and they are some amazing, talented individuals. Most questions you have can be answered by their website here: 

Also the first official newsletter is out, and I'm going to have to provide a link for it, because after three hours of trying to upload it onto DA, I put my head down in defeat. ^.^   Newsletter.

Late Night Poets official mission statement:

Poets of Lates is dedicated to the celebration of creative minds. We are a welcoming forum for poems, stories, art and ideas. We encourage absolute beginners, seasoned pros and anyone in between.

All we ask is that everyone be treated with respect. Poets of Lates is a reflection of our community spirit. A place to share, develop and reveal the best parts of ourselves.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me, MozartsNemesis, any time.

Other useful links: Late Night Poets on AoL in case some of you out there want to drop by and chat with the lovely people on AoL.
Chat Roller- For you facebook poets out there, this one lets you chat and is available through FB.

For our Veterans - to all the veterans out there, we salute you, and we thank you. Some amazing patriotic poetry here.

Causes- A list of the various causes we support.

Poet of the Month- Every month we feature a poet, and there are some awesome ones on this page.

Improv Poetry- A new thing, happening in our aol chat room, come out and join the fun!

Also we're going to be mirroring the Late Night Poets poetry challenges here on DA..more of that to come with the next update!

You are so much more
than body parts and ash.
You are more than battle scars
on knuckles, wrists, or heart.
You are more than a refugee
huddled in a blanket on the far side of a fire,
and I will not let you forget it.

You are steel-spined and soft-hearted,
ocean-born and tempest annealed.
You have strode into fire and famine
to stare death in it's face
and you have wept for those consumed;
Your tears do not speak to weakness.

Your eyelids are seared with memories
that would crush mere men with the weight of them,
yet still you sing hymns of remembrance and
anthems of a persevering future.

You are a reassuring lighthouse on a violent shore
and though the rains may march and thunder cannonade,
you stand, illuminated, a beacon of hope,
a message clear:
Whatever may come, it will not wreck you,
for I have walked through worse.
To a war-torn girl
For a friend who inspires more than she knows.

Audio recording of this poem here…
There was more joy in your smile than
in a lifetime of heartfelt hallelujahs.
Oh, but you never smiled just for me.

You insist on calling me at three AM
when all the world is dead to sleep.
Oh, but you know I'll be here listening.

Tell me again how being cryptic makes you special,
why there are blindfolds on both of us.
Oh, but you never cared enough to see.

I tore brain cells and hamstrings,
learning to walk and write to you at the same time.
Oh, but you never hesitated to walk right over me

and now you're afraid because my voice
is just another death knell hallelujah.
Oh,There's no one left to weep for thee.

Pick apart a loyal heart,and pay for liberation.
Hope is thin to cull the din, for no one heeds damnation.
Bitter goes both ways
This is what happens when I force myself to write. I'm sorry if you read through this. I'll do better soon. Promise.

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We make love like the sun rises:
soft pink blush creeping over darkened-sky cheeks,
chasing clouds away inch by inch until we're peeking at the world,
half ashamed and cloaked in pre-dawn shadow.

The slow inexorable march to full noon bares all of us,
and with no where left to hide, we are deplorable.
My body rises and falls like your self-confidence,
your mouth opens wide with damnation innuendo.

We ascend into life giving radiance,
sometimes until it hurts and the marks we leave
are often envied by those who have mistaken
enmity scars for love-bled stigmata.

Setting, we are marred by the orange of of fire-turned-resentment,
the red of hearts breaking, purple like the bruises
on your twilight skin as darkness falls.

We turn away, hidden by jealous night and relish dreams
of a rainy-day future to embrace the cold.

Numbness is all we were searching for incipiently.


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United States
Current Residence: Amarillo, Texas
Favourite genre of music: Country or Rock, some metal
Favourite photographer: Larry W. Stone
Favourite cartoon character: Bryan from Family Guy
Personal Quote: The only thing in this world that you can count on from people is that they will let you down.

If you would like to listen to a sample of poems read by the author (Me!) There's is a here.

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