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United States
Current Residence: Amarillo, Texas
Favourite genre of music: Country or Rock, some metal
Favourite photographer: Larry W. Stone
Favourite cartoon character: Bryan from Family Guy
Personal Quote: The only thing in this world that you can count on from people is that they will let you down.

If you would like to listen to a sample of poems read by the author (Me!) There's is a here.
This whole week's theme is opposites. They say that opposites attract, and if that's true, then it is the truest for today's topic. Not only do they attract, one would not be without the other. Day relies on the Night for a time to rest , and Night relies on Day to bring light back into our world. I personally prefer the nighttime to the day. There is something so beautifully serene about full dark, the soft winder whispering, the cold, judgmental stars shining down with arrogant stare. It is in the deepest of nights that I find myself searching deep within, for outer sight is gone. My ears are attuned to the voices of the wood, my nose inhaling the fragrances night blossoms. It is then I feel myself most strongly. Now, don't get me wrong. The day time is cool too, with it's warmth and scenery, but I submit that there is more to be found in the shadows of what you think there is, than in the harsh light of the sun burning down on what definitely is. I know we need the daytime for the plants to grow, and for a regular sleep pattern, and for men and women to rush about their lives, hastily throwing together a weeks worth of activities in a twelve hour span, but it seems to me that night is more peaceful, there is more solace in a silent night than in a years worth of days. Some of you psych majors out there are already thinking that this is lending insight to my personality, that I am deep and dark and brooding, and on some levels, maybe you're right. But I prefer to think that the darkness is a blanket, not to hide me from the world, but to hide the world and all it's ugliness from my tired eyes.

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